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My first Artwork :-)
Hi, I am Marc Bentel from Johannesburg, South Africa.

​ From a very young age, my interest in music and art was evident.

​ I originally wanted to draw and had an immense affinity for characters like "Tintin" and "Asterix"

​ but that was replaced early by the love of sound!

​ I discovered I had a good ear for music and quickly put that skill into piano and guitar. I formed my first School Band at the age of 13.



Cassette and Nelson Mandela
Little Sister (1989-1996) Keyboards, Guitar, Songwriter, Sound engineer

​ 2x OKTV AWARDS numerous No 1 singles on Local Stations, Supported Brian Adams 1994 and UB40

Amersham (1996-1999) Guitar, Keyboard programming, Songwriter, Sound engineer

​ 3x SAMA nominees, Numerous Number 1's, London showcase

Cassette (2005-2008) Guitar, Keyboards, programming, Songwriter, Sound engineer

​ SAMA Winner "Best Rock Album 2007", Supported Pink, Invited to play at Nelson Mandela's

​ 46664 Concert in Johannesburg, Extensive European tours

JustJInjer (2015) Guitar And keyboards, I was honored to play with this Multi-Award, Multi-Platinum Selling Band for some tour work including South Africa and England.

Audio Mixing And Design ( Freelance/Contract)

Scoring "Jonathan the Movie"
Innit Productions 2020, Clearwater, FL, USA
​ Dialogue Editor for Film. (Remote work)

Sidney. J. Furie 2020, Beverley Hills, CA, USA
​ Dialogue Editor for Film. (Remote work)

LiveTribe. TV 2020 Los Angeles, CA, USA
​ ​Audio Mix for Dodge Ram Spots, including Dialogue, Backgrounds, Music and SFX placement.
​ (Remote work )

On-Key Sound (2015-2017):
​ Audio Final Mix ( 5.1 Surround), Sound Design, Composition

​​ Qatar Film Productions ( Ayn Al Shaheen Films) 2014-2017:
​ Worked in Doha, Qatar for a year and later from South Africa via the Internet! Audio Final Mix, Sound Design, our relationship continues today!

Mnet/Supersport: ( Television Broadcaster) 2005-2014:
​ Audio Final Mix, Sound Design and Composition

Justjinjer 2015 tour

Other Clients include:

  • Quizsical Pictures
  • Connect TV
  • Velvet Films
  • Old Mutual (Corporate)
  • Mnet Supersport
  • Afrokaans
  • Bl!nk Pictures
  • Bosbokses films
  • Film Factory
  • SABC
  • ETV
  • Fireball Productions


  • Digital Audio Workstation - Protools 2020, Ableton Live 10, UAD LUNA.
  • Music and Post - production Software and Plugins - Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced, Komplete Kontrol 11 Ulitmate, Maschine, Universal Audio ( All the Favorites) , Waves, East West, Spitfire Audio.
  • Audio Restoration: Izotope RX7 Advanced, Izotope Dialogue Match
  • Hardware: Universal Audio - Apollo Twin, Universal Audio Apollo x6
  • Komplete Kontrol Keyboard - 49 and Maschine Mikro 3