Marc mixed some projects for us and also did a little sound design. My experience with him is that he has great integrity and communication and is very easy to work with. He is very skilled in post sound and was excellent with the intuitive choices that he made with regards to mixing the spots. We collaborated remotely very successfully, with him taking notes very well and making spot-on adjustments and when it came to an in-person session he made tweaks and changes very simply and effectively. He gave quick turnarounds and the result was great. Overall very happy with his work. Thank you, Marc!

Karen Lavender

I have worked in post-production in Hollywood for over 25 years. When it comes to mixing film, or for that matter, any form of video that includes human speech, dialog is king. You have to be able to understand clearly what people are saying. For most films, even big studio films, properly recorded dialog is the exception rather than the rule. So people in my business tend to take note when you find a talented dialog editor. They are few and far between. A good dialog editor is a valuable commodity.

I recently worked on a film that had a troublesome production dialog. Not good for a film that was dialog-intensive. For various production reasons, it was impossible to record dialog using a boom, relying exclusively on lav mics. This resulted in some unpleasant sibilance and other artifacts throughout the film. Our first post sound guy tried his best, but the results had that unnatural over-processed sound. We turned the dialog over to Marc and he started again from scratch, rebuilding the entire dialog tracks. The result was nothing short of spectacular: We had the dialog we'd hoped for, natural and understandable. Thank you, Marc!.

Stephen Eckelberry.
Producer, editor, and post-production supervisor.

Marc is a wizard with sound. He is as good as they come. And an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him!

Sidney J. Furie
Screenwriter and Bafta award-winning Director.