Sound Design Services

It is easy to underestimate the power of audio in setting the mood or stimulating a person's imagination. Soothing music can relax people; expert sound design can generate feelings of fear and horror; careful sound effects can create a rich background in your content, and so much more. Audio is often the heart and soul of a movie, television program, podcast, YouTube video, etc.

With the help of Marc Bentel Sound Design, you can take your content to the next level. I offer professional audio services for audio forensics, YouTube videos, film, television, radio music production, podcasts, gaming, and audio restoration. Whether you need a sound engineer, designer, producer, or composer, I can help.

Music and sound design have been my passion for several years now. I started learning theory and playing instruments as a child. Starting or working with several bands helped me develop some skills in composing and music production. All these early learning opportunities allowed me to master the innate talent and turn it into a career. Today, I offer a wide range of services in this field, including:

Dialogue Editing

Dialogue editing is the process of refining the voice track on your video content to ensure everything that is spoken is audible to your audience. I can refine the track recorded in real-time during a shoot, add voiceovers, or match ADR or automated dialogue replacement track to the video content. As an experienced dialogue editor, I adjust the style according to the client's requirements as well as the video's content. For example, letting some background noise through a documentary-style video gives it a more realistic feel. I use proven technologies and skills developed after several years in this industry to edit dialogue and get the best results. Read More About Dialogue Editing »

Sound Design

Sound design helps create a realistic and engaging environment in a video. It gives a movie, television program, or even a YouTube video some weight. For example, a cooking show is more appealing if the foley sound effects like a knife cutting through ingredients or the pepper grinder crushing seeds are added. People react positively to interesting sound effects, and as a sound designer, it is my job to add them. I use a wide range of tools and technologies to create a natural, organic environment of sound in the video. I can add different elements like sound effects, dialogue, background music, and foley effects based on the client’s requirements. Read More About Sound Design »

Audio Post Production

Audio post-production is the process of adding audio details to a video clip after the shooting is complete. This process involves several steps, like adding dialogue, sound effects, foley effects, sound editing, audio mixing, and adding background music. It is the producer's responsibility to ensure that the audio content tells a coherent story to the audience and perfectly matches all visual content. I use a wide range of techniques and software technologies to create a full audio experience to accompany a client's visual content. The process involves choosing the right recordings and organizing files, adding different elements, adding sound effects, before refining the entire mix until it is suitable for the movie, television program, or YouTube video. Read More About Audio Post Production »

Music Production

Music production is the process of putting together a song, instrumental piece, or soundtrack. It involves recording different tracks, arranging them in the right order, editing to remove any undesirable elements, mixing to layer different tracks on top of each other, and then creating a master copy. Music production requires a lot of skill and technical knowledge to ensure the piece sounds good and fits in with the client’s requirements. I have been producing unique tracks for several years now and understand what is involved in the process. If you are looking for unique and exciting music effects, I can help. Read More About Music Production »

Music Composition

Music composition is a very artistic and intimate process that requires a lot of creative energy. A composer needs to develop a unique melody and rhythm that will appeal to the client's audience and suit their requirements. I sit down with clients to understand their priorities, listening to their inspirational music, consider what they want to achieve before working on a musical composition. As a professional composer, I am familiar with the different approaches to this process and take the road that suits the project. My goal is to create something unique, memorable, and appealing to my clients. Read More About Music Composition »

Video Editing

Our video editing services might be exactly what you need if you want to give your films a little more to help them stand out from the crowd and strike the right chords with potential viewers. We add appropriate effects and enhancement features to your videos, such as sub-titling, so more people can watch them. Our experts add sound effects so that they have more of an impact or voice-over so that people of different languages can understand each other. We can also add specific and universal noise reduction so that your videos are cleaner, animations to make them more engaging, and 2D and 3D effects to feel more natural and impactful in real time without needing any physical interactions. Or, if you're dealing with corrupted video data, you can sigh relief since we provide high-end video editing services tailored to address these issues. We offer our clients value by ensuring high-quality video output with the best video editing services. Read More About Video Editing »

I have worked for many clients over the years, offering them services ranging from audio mixing to original composition. I have worked with clients like Mnet/Supersport Broadcasting network, Qatar Film Production, On-Key Sound, Quizsical Pictures, Connect TV, Old Mutual, Afrokaans, SABC, and more.

If you want to know more about my services or want to hire an experienced professional in the field, do not hesitate to contact me at Marc Bentel Sound Design. You can email me directly for the details.