Audio Post Production

Audio requires comprehensive post-production to be impactful, just like video requires extensive editing to be suitable for the audience. The audio post-production process is a long, detailed task that involves several steps and different techniques. At Marc Bentel Sound Design, you can expect refined post-production services that will take your video clip to the next level.

Audio Post Production Techniques

Every post-production assignment involves a wide range of techniques and strategies. An experienced audio post-production sound designer will customize their approach based on the project scope. Here is a look at the different methods used in this process:

  • Sound Design – Sound designing is the process of creating sounds for different video clips. The designer will choose sounds from their content library or create specialized recordings to suit the content. Examples include sounds of punching, crushing, animal roars, alien noises, machine, or weapon noises, etc.
  • Sound Effects – Sound effects are added to create a meaningful and realistic audio environment. For example, a highway chase scene will have sounds of cars, horns, accidents, people yelling, etc. It is our job to add all these effects to create the right environment.
  • Foley – Foley is also a sound effect, but it includes the sounds generated by a character interacting with its environment. It can be the sound of a person eating, walking, turning around while sleeping, boxing, etc.
  • Sound Editing – The sound editing process involves collecting or recording different tracks to add to a video clip.
  • Audio Mixing – Audio mixing involves combining audio tracks from various sources to create one coherent clip. Sound editors change the volume, intensity, and placement of different tracks to ensure everything complements the visual content well.

Other post-production sound techniques include ADR, adding background music, and voiceover.

Audio Post Production Process

The audio post-production process can be short or long, depending on the complexity of the clip. However, most projects involve the steps mentioned here:

  • Organizing Files – All audio tracks for the project are organized for post-production.
  • Adding and Editing Dialogue – Dialogues are added or edited based on the client’s requirements.
  • Adding Sound Effects – Sound effects like Foley, background music, background effects, etc., are added to the clip to create an audio environment.
  • Final Mix – The entire track is refined, and mistakes are eliminated to create a final mix suitable for release.

The auto post-production process can change based on the project and its requirements. Sometimes the post-production engineer or team must go through the track once again if any changes are made to the final video clip. Even a small edit in the visual content may throw the entire audio track out of sync. As an experienced engineer, I work with the client and their editing team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

If you want to know more about this process and want to hire a qualified sound engineer, do not hesitate to contact us at Marc Bentel Sound Design. You can email us directly for the details.