Dialogue Editing

Dialogues are an essential aspect of most movies, programs, YouTube videos, and video clips. They convey information and create an interactive experience for people watching. However, adding dialogue to video clips is not as easy as it seems. Even if you speak directly into a mic, you need some form of dialogue editing to cancel out the background noise and make sure the conversation is audible. We at Marc Bentel Sound Design can help.

What is Dialogue Editing?

Dialogue editing is a form of sound editing that involves adding or refining the dialogue in an audio clip. Sometimes the voices are already present in the video clip and recorded live while shooting. If that is the case, it is a dialogue editor’s job to refine the conversation to make sure the people can clearly understand.

Sometimes the recording from the set is unusable due to background noise, malfunctioning recording equipment, or other such factors. In such cases, the production house creates an automated dialogue replacement where actors or presenters record a separate voice track after the shoot for laying over the video. It is an editor’s job to ensure the layered track sits perfectly on the video content.

As an editor, I can also add a voiceover track over a video clip. It is particularly popular in tutorials, instruction, product demos, and some YouTube videos. An experienced sound editor knows how to layer the voiceover properly to ensure the video clip corresponds well with the audio track.

Dialogue Editing Process

Different kinds of projects require different editing approaches. An experienced editor will study the material available before coming up with a plan to get the best results. Here is a look at what is involved in a dialogue editing process:

  • The first part of post-production sound editing is to organize files in every set of an audio track. This makes it easier to mix or remove audio input wherever necessary.
  • The editor then sorts through all the tracks carefully to remove any sound or dialogue that is not needed. Editors set a preferred mic during this process to get the best quality sound.
  • Once the mics are in place, fade-ins, fade-outs, fills, and crossfades are added to the track for maximum clarity and effect.
  • A dialogue sound editor will then remove all unwanted background noises like hums of fans or air conditioners, popping or buzzing noises, sounds of people talking in the background, etc. Anything that compromises the dialogue is removed, especially if it does not contribute to the video's environment.
  • Sometimes issues like mic-drops or malfunctions can disrupt sound. It is the editor’s job to repair this issue to ensure the dialogue flows smoothly once again.

Sound editing for dialogues is a customized process, and a lot depends on the type of content you want. For example, you may prefer absolute vocal clarity in a tutorial or instructional video. However, documentary-style clips can benefit from some background sounds because they can enhance the story.

If you want to know more about this process and want to hire a qualified dialogue editor, do not hesitate to contact us at Marc Bentel Sound Design. You can email us directly for the details.