Sound Design

A video clip is a combination of impactful visual imagery and the environment created by sound. Whether it showcases a speaker sharing their experience with gentle music playing in the background or an action scene with explosions everywhere, sound design is critical. At Marc Bentel Sound Design, you get expert sound design and editing services that can significantly refine your videos' audio quality.

What Does a Sound Designer Do?

Most movies, programs, or video clips have sound effects that add to the content and environment. Whether it is the sound of heels on wooden floorboards to create mystery or the growl of a large animal to induce terror, the sound design adds to the story by introducing interesting elements.

A designer creates these unique sounds with the help of different tools and techniques. For example, they can create a creature's roar by combining the sounds from different animals. It is common to crush celery sticks to simulate the sound of breaking bones.

Sound designers must be creative, innovative, and willing to experiment. The goal of sound design is to evoke emotion and create a web of sounds that adds meaning to the story. Sound can be used to create mystery, showcase joy, highlight small moments, and change the emotional tone of a scene.

For example, simply staring at the horizon can mean different things based on the sound and visual composition of the scene. If there's gentle, uplifting music, soothing sounds of crashing waves, and few birds chirping in the background, the scene has a positive or serene tone. If there is grim music in the background, and the sound of waves is loud or overwhelming, the scene can come across as painful. All of this happens due to a sound designer and editor’s skills.

Elements of Sound Design

Most videos have four distinct elements, and an experienced sound editor will take all these elements to create a web of sound in a video clip. As experts, we can make this web as straightforward or as complex as it needs to be. For example, some scenes may need a relatively minimalist approach to create tension, while others may need a cacophony to simulate chaos. Here is a look at the elements:

  • Dialogue – Dialogue is recorded in real-time during shooting through dedicated mics or after shooting in a studio. As a trained professional, a sound editing expert will refine the dialogue to ensure all the words are clear.
  • Foley – Foley is the sound associated with the actors on the scene. For example, if the actor is eating an apple or tapping on a desk, the audio should reflect it. These audio effects are often added in post-production to create a sharper, more distinctive environment.
  • Sound Effects – Sound effects are background noises that are not directly connected to the actors. The perfect background sound design examples include noises of wind blowing, cars driving by, water flowing, etc.
  • Background Music – We also add background music to set a particular emotional tone like happy, sad, melancholic, peaceful, and other such sentiments.

If you want to know more about this process or want to hire a qualified sound designer, do not hesitate to contact us at Marc Bentel Sound Design. You can email us directly for the details.

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